Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gangstalking with my Brother

My brother has been dealing with some psychological issues the past few years and within the past year or so he has discovered terms like "Targeted Individuals", "gangstalking", "V2K" or "Voice to Skull".

My Brother believes he is being watched, targeted, followed, and he hears voices speaking to him from all directions when he wakes up until he falls asleep. He has been tormented mentally for about three years now and has found a sympathetic community online. I'm not too sure what to think about it all, but listen to episode 58 of the Tales from the Hardside podcast me & my brother Shawn did. Here's some videos as well.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

#TFTHS Ep 056 Justin Hite, artist, positive hombre

I'm joined by artist Justin Hite for a discussion on music, art, community, and all sorts of other badassary. 

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Justin Hite can be found

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Music @H4Z4RDOUS - Tales From The Hardside

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The various #InspiredReco's by Tank in Ep 5 of On The Block

Tank's Tribute To Mr. Red Legs 

Tank's restaurant suggestion in Cincinnati for visitor's. 

Shanghai Mama's 


 500 Miles To Memphis

Ohio Knife

End Of the Ocean

On The Block Ep. 5 w/ Anthony "Tank" Mansfield from the Ghost Empire Collective

This episode Scott & Izzy chat with Artist Anthony "Tank" Mansfield, member of the Ghost Empire Collective.
About the upcoming art show Mon. April 1st
@ Neons Unplugged
208 E 12th St Cincinnati, OH 45202‎
(513) 827-9361

Using the start of the baseball season in Cincinnati, Ohio as the background, the artists are going to be creating and showcasing art to celebrate Mr. Red Legs. Come check out some local independent artists.

The GEC is made up of visual artists who live in the Greater Cincinnati area. Formed in Fall 2011, the group was founded under the premise of bringing art to the people by showing in bars, restaurants, outdoor events, and other alternative galleries. Each show has its own theme and contains some type of live art performance. If you are interested in hosting a Ghost Empire event, please contact us via email,

Tank can be found

Ghost Empire Collective can be found

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Friday, March 15, 2013

What is the #Ohiocast & @deathsquadohio?

What is the Ohiocast and what is Deathsquadohio? Let's start with the Ohiocast. The Ohiocast is a series of podcasts from yours truly The Izzy Rock (Dayton, Ohio), The Sample Hour podcast (Columbus, Ohio), and Mitch Nutter (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Whenever these podcrafters do a show together, it is under the banner of the Ohiocast. Episode 1 is on The Sample Hour podcast feed, episode 2 and 3 are on the Tales From The Hardside feed. On Twitter use #Ohiocast and we will track it.

What is DeathsquadOhio?

We'll refer to it as DSOhio at this point in the blog. DSOhio started out as friends who met through Twitter under the #DEATHSQUAD hashtag. These are fans of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, stand up comedy, free thought and support legalization who decided to meetup one day in May 2012 when Brian Redban (Ohio native, Co-host & producer of the JRE as well as producer of the Deathsquad Podcast Network) and Joey "CoCo" Diaz (Legendary stand up comedian, actor, and host of the Church of What's Happening Now podcast) played the first in a series of "Deathsquad" shows at the Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, Ohio.

That first meetup was something special. It was hosted by Jason @no_susquahenna  aka @deathsquadohio and Bender @abubeaner_97 at Bender's house. A group of strangers who only knew each other through the 1's & 0's of the internet, who are currently friends in reality. Ever since that first meeting there has been more shows, more meetups and a series of podcasts from these individuals. Here are some pics from the various meetups since May 2012.

The First Deathsquad Ohio Meetup May 2012

The DSOhio Duncan Trussell Meetup in Cincinnati

 The DSOhio Bert Kreischer Meetup

The DSOhio Tom Segura, Doug Benson, Tony Hinchcliffe, Redban Meetup

The DSOhio Brody Stevens, Little Esther Meetup

Izzy even took the spirit of DSOhio to Chicago for a meetup before the Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir show

The DSOhio meetup before Sam Tripoli & Tony Hinchcliffe

Then Izzy & Drew decided to organize a meetup before the Joe Rogan show in Columbus on 3/2/13

That led to over 100 people showing up at the Ringside Cafe for the biggest DSOhio meetup